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Accept BITCOIN Payments for your Business

Accept BITCOIN Payments on a new website we build for you or add a Payment Processing site

Want to ACCEPT BITCOINS for your Products or Services?

Have a Product or Service you’ve been meaning to sell online but haven’t?

Want to leapfrog your competition that can’t accept BITCOINS for their products or services?

A house in the US was recently sold for $1.6 million in BITCOINS. Major corporations are jumping on this new currency.

We deliver NEW eCommerce websites that accept BITCOIN and PAYPAL payments and we do it in 7 days or less and at an incredibly affordable price. We can also create a pure Payment Processing page or site if you don’t want or need a new site.



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Demo Link –

Also checkout this article from FORBES about how BITCOINS are CHANGING the Face of ecommerce.

Call or email us or post a contact form today and be accepting BITCOIN payments within 7 days!



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